Lokadharmi is launched.


A ten-day theatre workshop with the veteran director Kavalam Narayana Panicker and the production of the play Janame Jaya in the workshop.


The play Karnnabharam is premiered.


Organized a festival of three plays Kalo Basti, Andhakarer Dheu, and Ahalya performed by Alternate Living Theatre group Calcutta, directed by Probir Guha in Bengali, at Tripunithura, Kochi.


Lokadharmi performs in the All India Multilingual Theatre Festival at Cuttack, Orissa. It’s first ever performance outside Kerala. The group wins the National Award for the Best Play and Best Direction from the 110 plays performed from all over India.

Conducted a workshop on masks, its use in traditional Kerala theatre and its application in contemporary theatre.

The play Chathankattu an Indian adaptation of The Tempest by Shakespeare is premiered.

Performance of the play Karnnabharam at the Festival of Letters Bangalore, organised by Sahitya Academy, New Delhi.


Performance of Karnnabharam in the International Theatre Olympiad in Cuttack, Orissa.

Workshop on Mime with Gautam Majumdar (NSD, New Delhi).

The play Poranadi (The Out Cast), written by Kavalam Narayana Panicker, directed by Chandradasan in Malayalam is premiered.


A National Theatre Festival is organised in December with the collaboration of Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy at Tripunithura. The plays Seelavathi (performed in Kannada by Lalitha Kala Ranga Mariammanahalli, Karnataka and directed by M.B.Somanna;), Rai (Hindi play presented and directed by IPTA, Bhilai, Madhya Pradesh); Galileo (Tamil play by APTIST Pondicheri directed by Shibu.S.Kottaram), Pancharathram (Malayalam play directed by Ramesh Varma and performed by School of Drama Thrissur), Paani (Assamese play directed by Indra Bania and performed by Assam Acting Institute Gowhatty) Mavelipootham and Mandan Sipai (Children’s plays in Malayalam presented by Rangachethana Thrissur directed by K.V.Ganesh), Manthareya Antharanga, (a Kannada monologue by Kalyani Bangalore, directed by Sandhya.S.) Meenai Maroo Louba- (Manipuri play by Elite Group of Performing Artists Imphal, Manipur, directed by Soibamcha Indrakumar) and Poranadi (performed by Lokadharmi directed by Chandradasan) have been performed. Also folk forms Ayyappan Paattu, Kathakali, Seethankan Thullal, Ayyappan Thiyattu, Bihu Dance, Yakshagana, Koodiyattam, Manipuri folk dance, Mohinayattam and Mudiyettu were showcased.


Performance of the play Poranadi in International Theatre Olympiad, Cuttack.

A workshop on Acting in Classical Theatre and its adaptation in Contemporary Theatre. Margi Madhu, eminent Koodiyattam artist collaborated with actors, directors and technicians from contemporary theatre along with the trained actors from Lokadharmi to exchange skills, techniques and methodology at Tripunithura in July 1998.


An improvisation workshop with Tuire Hindikka, Pirkko Kurikka (both from Finland).

Premiere of the Malayalam adaptation of Nandan Kadha by the Tamil Playwright Indira Parthasarathy.

The initiation of the Natakasala, an interactive body between artists and audience aimed to create heightened theatre awareness, through sponsoring of productions would be followed by critical discussions between the Natakasala members and the visiting directors and actors.

Performance of Karnnabharam in Pataliputra Natya Mahotsav, Patna, Bihar 1999 organised by East Zone Cultural Center and Dept. of Culture Govt. of Bihar.

Hosting of the Finnish play Louhi and the Golden Girl performed by Theatre Pussuki, Finland, directed by Tuire Hindikka.


A ten-day workshop on Children's theatre at Tripunithura. This is a regular feature from this year onwards.

Performance of Nandan Kadha in Nataka Bharathi – National Theatre Festival-2000, organised by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy, at Eranakulam


Premiere of the Indian adaptation of the Greek Classic Medea by Euripides directed by Chandradasan in Malayalam.

Lokadharmi visited Greece with its Indian adaptation of Medea, the Greek classic by Euripides to participate and perform in ‘the circle of south earth’-an International Festival on Ancient Greek Drama from August 24 to September 1 and performed in the Ancient theatres in the cities of Pelos, Kalamatta and in the Petra theatre of Athens. Critics, scholars and the audience accepted this first overseas performance of Lokadharmi with great enthusiasm and appreciation.

A ten-day workshop on Noh Theatre and its encounter with the martial art form of Kerala- Kalarippayattu - with Emily Curtis (Noh artist from Australia living in Tokyo, Japan) and Narayanan Embranthiri the Kalarippayattu guru.

Organization of the international festival at Aluva Kerala in which, Medea (Theatre Fiasko, Finland, dir. Tuire Hindikka), Karimchuzhi (Thalai-k-kol Pondicheri, directed by V.Arumukam) Medea (By Lokadharmi, directed by Chandradasan) was performed.

A one month workshop at Honnali Karnataka for Holeranga, an eco-theatre group and production in an environment theatre of the Kannada play Maduve Hennu (The Bride, A Kannada play written by H.S.Shivaprakash, art by Sudheer Babu and directed by Chandradasan)


A workshop on Chau dance and Choreography with Pandit Gopal Prasad Dubey (the Chau guru from Saraikkala, Jharghand)

The play Medea was performed in the Bharat Rang Mahotsav, an International Theatre Festival organized by the National School of Drama in New Delhi.

A ten-day Children's workshop at Edappally in May and the eventual launching of a permanent Children's theatre wing under Lokadharmi, named Mazhavillu (Rainbow). This group meets on all Saturdays and does plays, improvisations, and theatre games for children under the age of 17.

A five day workshop on physical theatre by Patrick Vella and Clare Agius from curtain raiser theatre group Malta Europe, was organised. The performance of The Kandor, a play devised and enacted by the Curtain Raiser theatre group was part of the workshop.

The play Medea was performed in The Multi lingual Theatre festival organised by Progressive Dramatic Association at Pune, Maharashtra in October and also in the National Festival by Chorus Ahmedabad, Gujarat in November.

Premiere of the children's version of Charandas Chor (Charandas, the thief) by Habib Tanvir performed by Mazhavillu.

An eco-political performance of Macbeth directed by Chandradasan on a special space designed was premiered on 20th December at Changampuzha Park Edappally.


Mazhavillu, the children’s theatre wing performs Charandas Chor in The Soorya Festival at Trivandrum, International Children’s Drama Festival New Delhi organised by NIPA and IATA Copenhagen Denmark and also in Sooryotsav, Cochin.

The premiere of Andha Yugam, a multi media production based on Andha Yug, the lyrical play written by Dharmaveer Bharathi, translated from Hindi by Dr. A. Aravindakshan and directed by Sudheer Babu.


Chandradasan, the Artistic Director of Lokadharmi was awarded with Kerala Sangeeta Nataka Academy’s prestigious state award for his entire contribution to theatre.

The play Poranaadi was performed in the Bharat Rang Mahotsav 2004, an International Theatre Festival organized by the National School of Drama in New Delhi.

The play Mathavilasa-Bhagavaddujjagam, a juxtaposition of two plays written by Mahendra Vikrama Varman and Bodhayanan and directed by V.R.Selvaraj was premiered.

Lokadharmi organized a three day actor training workshop and eminent theatre personalities from all over the world like Ralph Yarrow (U.K), John Martin (UK), Adewoo Shanti Dickson (West Indies) attended and conducted classes on acting. More than 40 theatre students from the group as well as from other groups from all over Kerala were participated in the workshop.

February, the group premiered the play Madhuraa Kaantam written by Dr. H.S.Shivaprakash and directed by Dr. R.Raju Pondichery.

Lokadharmi decided to unleash the talents in direction amongst its members, by commencing an in-house production of small plays every month from January, 2005. “Stage and Screen” will present the performance of a play and the projection of a film classic on a monthly basis, in an attempt to create an alternative system of production, performance and appreciation of theatre and film.


The Group conducted a one day seminar on ‘Paattabaaki and the Socio – Political changes of Kerala’ based on the relevance of Paattabakki (Lease Rent), a political play written by K.Damodaran in 1936. Consequent on this, the Group performed the play Paattabakki in three consequent days. The performances gained large audience support and endorsement.

In April, actors of our Children’s Theatre Group, ‘Mazhavillu’ premiered the play Panjarasaala, written by B.V.Karanth and designed and directed by Chandradasan. The group performed the play for three consecutive days at the same venue, Changampuzha Park, Edappally.

On 16th July, 2006 Lokadharmi performed the all time French satire Ubu Roi written by Alfred Jarry and directed by Chandradasan. The play was performed with the assistance of Cultural Ministry of India.

Lokadharmi was invited to perform the play Karnnabharam at Saarang, the National Theatre Festival conducted at Karthika Thirunal Theatre, Trivandrum on 15.11.2006 by Sri Sathya Sai Orphanage Trust, Kerala.

Lokadharmi facilitated a wonderful experience of ‘An evening with Habib Tanvir’ at Changampuzha Park, Edappally on 20.03.2007.

Lokadharmi conducted a Physical Acting workshop by internationally acclaimed Theatre Director, Ms. Ruth Ziv Iyal of Tel Aviv University, Israel on 2nd and 3rd of December, 2006.


In April 2007 Mazhavillu premiered Alibabyum Nalpathu Kallanmarum based on the Kannada play written by Chandrasekhar Kambar, translated and directed by Chandradasan. This play was later performed in Surasu Natakolsav at Kozhikode and Soorya Festival Thiruvanathapuram.

Conducted a workshop with Holistic Theatre of movement ‘S’ from Lithuania and a performance of plays Musical Vision ‘Book of Stars’ and Musical Action ‘Adaptatio’, designed and directed by Zita Vilutyte.

Performed Karnnabharam in the Rasaranjini national festival at Hyderabad in July 2007 organised by NSD RRC, and cultural department of Andhra Pradesh.

Lokadharmi collaborated with the Hindi department and campus theatre of St.Albert’s college and produced the Malayalam version of the Hindi play Madhavi written by Bisham Sahni under the direction of Chandradasan.


Lokadharmi was selected to perform the play Karnnabharam at META 2008 (Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards) in Delhi in March 2008. The play won the prestigious META Awards for the best play, best costume design and best set design in India for the year. It was also nominated for the best choreography, best ensemble and best actor.

In April 2008 Mazhavillu premiered a girl in the photograph written and directed by Shirly Somasundaran, based on the story of Kim Phuc, the war victim of Vietnam and John Plummer the US officer who dropped the bomb over the civilians.

Chandradasan, the director of Lokadharmi, is nominated to the advisory council of RRC, NSD Bangaluru.

Lokadharmi was invited to the International Ganakrishti Natya Utsav July 2008, organised in collaboration with East Zone Cultural centre Kolkota, to have two shows of Karnnabharam at Bharatheeyam Cultural multiplex and the second at Rabindrasadan.

Lokadharmi, in collaboration with RRC of National School of Drama and Ernakulam Press Club organised a week long theatre festival in reverence to the theatre doyen Kavaalam Narayana Panicker on the occasion of his 80th birth day celebrations. The festival was unique in its kind with the performance of plays written, translated or directed by Kavalam Narayana Panicker. Prominent personalities like Anuradha Kapoor (Director, National School of Drama, New Delhi), Suresh Anagally (Regional Director, RRC, NSD, Bangaluru) and famed actors/performers like Ashish Vidyarthi, Nedumudi Venu, Jagannathan and Kaladharan participated in the festival.

Performed the play Madhavi in Soorya festival.

Invited to perform the play Karnnabharam in Bahuroopi, the National Theatre festival at Rangayana Mysore, Karnataka.