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Born on 25th December 1958, Kottayam Dist, Kerala


Doing research in theatre and aesthetics, as part of PhD program at Kerala Kalamandalam, Deemed University of Arts and Culture Cheruthuruthy

Attended various training programs in Theatre and Film from college days onwards. The workshops include an appreciation course on film in ITFFI Pune, and a workshop on movement in theatre from School of Drama Thrissur.

Production History

Design and Directing Credits

  1. Madhavi (by Bisham Sahni, translated from Hindi by PR Viswambharan) produced by the Hindi department and campus theatre of St. Albert’s college Eranakulam with the technical collaboration of Lokadharmi, 2007.
  2. Ubu Maharaja (Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry) translated and adapted from French, a parody in/of theatre in Malayalam for Lokadharmi, 2006
  3. Pattabakki (The Balance lease) a play written by K.Damodaran in 1937, the first political play in Malayalam, directed for Lokadharmi 2006.
  4. Ravunni (a play by P.M.Thaj for Suryakanti Theruvarangu Nataka Sangham, Alleppey as part of the project Arangil Ninnum Adukkalayilekku which aimed to create an alternate performance space and system. The company toured the whole of North Kerala and did more than 150 shows of this play at non conventional spaces in 2004).
  5. Macbeth (An eco - political performance based on the play by William Shakespeare for Lokadharmi in 2002.)
  6. Madhuve Hennu - in Kannada (The Bride by H.S.Shivaprakash, for Hole Ranga Honnali, Karnataka, 2001),
  7. Nandan Kadha (The Story of Nandan by Indira Parthasarathy; translated from Tamil by Shibu.S.Kottaram, Lokadharmi 1999),
  8. Mathavilasa Prahasanam -in Sanskrit (The pranks of the drunkard Mahendra Vikrama Varman; Sanskrit College Thripunithura.1998),
  9. Poranadi (The Outcast by K.N.Panicker Lokadharmi 1996);
  10. Medea (Euripides, translated by Puthusseri Ramachandran, Centre for performing arts Kollam, 1996 and reproduced for Lokadharmi in 2001);
  11. Muditheyyam Urayunnu (The Hair Goddess is in a Trance based on the short story by Sara Joseph, script by self, KCYM 1995);
  12. Chathankattu (based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, adaptation by self, Lokadharmi Tripunithura 1995);
  13. Khani (The Mine by K.A. Chidambaram, CSRC Kochi 1994);
  14. Karnnabharam (the anguish on Karnna by Bhasa, Translated from Sanskrit by K.N.Panicker, Lokadharmi Tripunithura 1993);
  15. Gopuranatayil (At the Sanctum Sanctorum by MT Vasudevan Nair, Bhasabheri Tripunithura 1991);
  16. Rajavinte Chenda (The King’s Drum by Safdar Hashmi, translated from Hindi by Achuthan Vallikkunnu, Gramavedi, Vallarpadam, 1990);
  17. Murder in the Cathedral – in English (by T.S.Eliot, St Theresa’s College Eranakulam , co-directed with P. Elish, 1989)
  18. Subhantham (The Happy Ending by G. Sankara Pillai, St. Alberts College Eranakulam; 1988);
  19. Death Watch (by Jean Genet, translated by self, Gramavedi, Vallarpadam, 1988);
  20. Theruvujadha (Procession by Badal Sarcar, translated by self Gramavedi, Vallarpadam 1986);
  21. Lokam, Pisachu (World, Saitan by TM Abraham, St. Alberts College Eranakulam; 1985)
  22. Ottayan (The Lone Tusker by Kavalam Narayana Panicker, St.Alberts College Eranakulam 1984)
  23. Aasthana Viddikal (Court jesters, by G,Sankara Pillai, Prathibha Mannackanadu,1980)
  24. Kizhavanum Kazhuthayum (The old man and the donkey by G,Sankara Pillai, Prathibha Mannackanadu,1979).


Children’s plays – Design and Directing Credits

  1. Bommanahalliya Kindari Jogi (adaptation of the poem by Kuvempu) in Kannada for MP Prakash Arts Foundation, Shimoga, 2009.
  2. Journey to the North – East (Written by Ajith Basu based on the book Jonathan Livingstone Seagull by Richard Baach in which 120 children in cast, and designed in a whole auditorium
  3. Rithubhethangal (Swing of seasons, a performance based on the classic poetry Rithusamhara by Kalidasa for Hindustan News Print Limited to be performed at HPC day at Kolkata, 2005)
  4. Alibabavum 40 Thirudarkalum (Alibaba and 40 thieves in Tamil for Bangalore RRC of National School of Drama, with the children of Kamak School Tutucorin, Tamil Nadu 2005)
  5. Charandas Chor (children's version of the play by Habib Tanveer, for Mazhavillu, the children's theatre repertory of Lokadharmi, 2002)
  6. The Selfish Giant (adaptation of the short story by Oscar Wilde, Surya children’s theatre 2002)
  7. Kalippavakal (Play puppets An improvised Children’s Play, Surya Childrens Theatre 1998),
  8. Karonmadi Muthan (The old man Karonmadi by Joy.P.P Surya Childrens theatre 1997),
  9. Vishnu Maya (The Maya of Vishnu by K.N. Panicker Surya Childrens Theatre Kochi 1995);
  10. Oru Koottam Urumbukal (A Group of Ants by G.Sankara Pillai, Surya Childrens theatre Kochi 1994);
  11. The Scared Tree – in English (co-directed with P. Elish; scripted by Paul Mathew based on The Lord of the Flies by William Goulding, for Living Theatre Cochin, 1992)

Acting Credits

  1. Dhvanvanthari in Innalathe Mazha (yesterday’s rain, adaptation of the novel by N.Mohanan, for Lokadharmi directed by Ullas Mavilai)
  2. Kovalan in Madhurakandam (The Madhura episode by H.S.Shivaprakash, for Lokadharmi directed by R.Raju Pondichery 2005).
  3. Daveed in Aa Manushyan Nee Thanne (You are that man by C J Thomas, Changampuzha Samskarika Kendram, Edappaly, 2004) Directed by N Somasundaran
  4. Duryodanan in Andha Yugam (Blind Age by Dharmaveer Bharathi, Lokadharmi Production, Kochi, 2003) Directed by Sudheer Babu
  5. Father in Spandanam (Pulse by Cheravally Sasi, CMS College, Kottayam, 1981) Directed by Madhu Sankaramangalam.
  6. Vidushakan in Aasthana Viddikal (Court jesters, by G,Sankara Pillai, Prathibha Mannackanadu,1980) – Directed by self.
  7. Old man in Deepam Deepam (light by G.Sankara Pillai, Devamatha College, Kuravilangad, 1979).
  8. Narendran in Jwalanam (flaming by C L Jose, Govt. UPS, Mannackanadu,1979) – Directed by Hariharan.
  9. Vidushakan in Moonnu Pandithanmaarum Parethanaya Simhavum (3 scholars and a dead lion, by G,Sankara Pillai, Devamatha College, Kuravilangad,1979) – Directed by Babu Namboodiri.
  10. Son in Kizhavanum Kazhuthayum (The old man and the donkey by G,Sankara Pillai, Prathibha Mannackanadu,1979) – Directed by self.
  11. B in Venal (Summer by K G Sethunath, Prathibha Mannackanadu,1979) – Directed by Ajithan Namboodiri.
  12. Young man in Amalanmaar (by G,Sankara Pillai, Prathibha Mannackanadu,1978) – Directed by Mathew Luckos.
  13. Chakyar in Ottayan (The Lone Tusker by Kavalam Narayana Panicker, Devamatha College, Kuravilangad, 1977) – Directed by P.O. Varkey.

Technical Theatre Work

Lighting Director – The Boor; Play by Anton Checkov, Produced by Living Theatre; Directed by P. Elish.

Lighting director – Lady Aoy; Play by Ukio Mishima, Produced by Living Theatre; Directed by P. Elish.

Lighting director – Kanchana Seetha by C N Srikantan Nair, Produced by Changampuzha Samkarika Kendram, Edappally; Directed by N Somasundaran.

Lighting designer – The girl in the photograph written and directed by Shirly Somasundaran, for Mazhavillu.

Music Director – Rajavinte Chenda by Safdar Hashmi, Produced by Grama Vedi, Vallarpadam.


a. International Festivals

  1. ‘The Circle of the south earth’ – an international festival on ancient Greek Drama in Greece and performed the production of Medea in the cities Pelos, Kalamatta and Athens in October 2001.
  2. Participated in Bharath Rang Mahotsav, -The International theatre festival of India organised by N.S.D. New Delhi, (Medea 2002, Poranadi 2004, and Karnnabharam 2006)
  3. International Children’s Theatre Festival New Delhi – Charandas Chor, 2003.
  4. Children’s Theatre Festival New Delhi - Kalippavakal in 1999
  5. International Children’s Theatre Festival New Delhi - Oru Koottam Urumbukal, 1998
  6. International Children’s Theatre Festival New Delhi - Vishnu Maya, 1997
  7. International Theatre Olympiad, Cuttack - Poranadi in 1997
  8. International Theatre Olympiad, Cuttack - Karnnabharam 1996

b. National Festivals

  1. The play Karnnabharam at Bahuroopi theatre festival 2009, organised by Rangayana Mysore.
  2. The play Karnnabharam directed for Lokadharmi was performed at the META National Theatre fest at New Delhi organised by Mahindra & Mahindra on 01st of March 2008. The play won the prestigious National award for best play, best costume design and best Scenic design from this festival.
  3. The play Karnnabharam directed for Lokadharmi was performed at the National Theatre fest at Kolkota organised by Ganakrishti, east zone Cultural centre Kolkota on July 21st and 22nd 2008.
  4. The play Madhavi produced by Campus Theatre of St.Albert’s College was performed in Thiruvanathapuram as part of Soorya Festival on 18th October 2008.
  5. The play Karnnabharam directed for Lokadharmi was performed at the National Theatre fest at Rangayana Mysore, Cultural department of Karnataka Govt. on December 28th 2008.
  6. The play Karnnabharam directed for Lokadharmi was performed at the National Theatre fest at Rabindra Bharathi Hyderabad organised by Rasaranjini, Cultural department of Andhra Pradesh and NSD RRC Bangalore on July 22nd 2007.
  7. The play Alibabayum 40 Kallanmarum directed for Mazhavillu Kochi was performed at the Theatre fest at town Hall Kozhikode on September 27th in the Surasu Smaraka Natakolsavam 2007.
  8. Soorya Festival Thiruvanathapuram (Medea 2002, Charandas Chor, 2003, Poranadi 2004, Alibabayum 40 Kallanmarum 2007, Madhavi 2008).
  9. Sooryotsav, Kochi (Charanadas Chor, 2003)
  10. National Multi Lingual Theatre Festival, by Chorus Ahamedabad, Gujarat (Medea 2002)
  11. National Theatre Festival at Pune, Maharashtra organised by Progressive Dramatic Association (Medea 2002)
  12. National Theatre Festival Hyderabad (The selfish Giant 2002)
  13. Nataka Bharathi – National Theatre Festival, organised by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy, at Eranakulam (Nandan Kadha, 2000)
  14. National Theatre Festival Tripunithura (Poranadi 1997 & Karnnabharam, 1999)
  15. Abhinaya Festival Trivandrum, (Karnnabharam 1995 & Vishnumaya 1998)
  16. Festival of Letters Bangalore, Karnataka organised by Sahitya Academy, New Delhi (Karnnabharam, 1995);
  17. Natya Parab, Abhiyan National Theatre Festival, Jagdalpur, Bastar, Madhya Pradesh, (Karnnabharam, 1998)
  18. National Multi-lingual Theater Festival Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh (Karnnabharam, 1997)
  19. Pataliputra Natya Mahotsav Patna, Bihar (Karnnabharam 1996 Vishnu Maya 1997 & Karnnabharam 1998;
  20. The National Inter-University Youth Festival Mumbai, Maharashtra (Medea, 1996)
  21. National Multi-lingual Theatre Festival Cuttack, Orissa (Karnnabharam, 1995 and Poranadi, 1996)
  22. The National Inter-University Youth Festival Nagpur, Maharashtra (Rajavinte Chenda, 1994)
  23. The National Inter-University Youth Festival Kurukshethra, Haryana (Karnnabharam, 1994)


  1. The article ‘Politics of western pedagogy in the theatre of India’ is selected for publication in the book ‘Politics of American Theatre Training’ to be published by Routledge New York and London.
  2. Monthly Column in Scene4 – International Online Journal on Theatre – since 2002
  3. Open Correspondence with Chandradasan, and Lissa Tyler Renaud Thiyyam's "Uttar-Priyadarshi - the Acting Journal. March 2001(on -line journal)
  4. Dilemmas of a Contemporary Theatre Practitioner – Sangeeth Natak Akademy 2000.
  5. In Conversation; G.Aravindan with Chandradasan – Malayalam Literary Survey; Literature and Film edited by Dr.V.C.Harrris, Kerala Sahitya Akademi Thrissur –2000.
  6. Childrens Theatre lacks a plan and perspective – In down memory lane edited by BMD.Agrawal, NIPA New Delhi 2000
  7. Perspective on Acting in Traditional Theatre of Kerala – Ceremony, Involvement and Communion in Folk and Classical Forms” – The Literary Criterion 1993.
  8. Big man, Small World – The Economics Times Bombay; 15 March 1992
  9. Film maker as an Intuitive Artist; the Cinema of G.Aravindan – Deep Focus January 1989

b. In Malayalam

1. Kuruthichorayude Thudithalam; Kavalathinte Poranadi, Enteyum. Granthalokam August 2002. later published in the book, Kavalam Natangal, Haritha books Kozhikodu, 2008

2. Bharatheeya Nataka vedi malayalathinte sannidhyam – Saphalyam 2008.

3. Published the article titled ‘Kalathil Ninnum Marukalathilekku – as preface ‘Oru Puravrutham’, a play by KA Unnithan, pen books 2006

4. Indian Nataka Vedi Alkasikkappurathyekku – Keli, October 2003

5. Brecht, Arangile Aithihasika Saannidyam – a study on Brecht in the book “Three Penny Opera”; translation by Sherly Somasundaran, High Tech books, Kochi, 2003.

6. Kanavinullile Marukanavu; Vadhu, Oranubhavakkurippu – Pachchakuthira , April 2002

7. Bharatheeya Rangaseelam, Chila Veendu Vicharangal; Adhava Arangile Jathi Sankalpam – Keli, August 1999

8. Chorayum Charayum Manakkunna Varthamanam, - a review on the collection of plays Varthamanam by Madhu master – Samakaleena Malayalam.

9. Oru Samvidhayakante Kurippu – preface to Keeri Muricha Kannu, collection of plays by T.M.Abraham –Current Books1999

10. Nisargikathaykku Veli Kettaruthu – Yuvajanothsava Smruthi 98; Kerala State School Youth Festival Journal; edited by Pirappankodu Murali- June 98.

11. Aranginte Samakaleenatha – Bhashaposhini, February 1998

12. Raashtriya Cinimayude Ardhapoornima – Kalakoumudi 22 March 1992

13. Aravindan: Velipadukalude Kavi.- Film Magazine (serialized in 11 issues starting from July 89)

14. Nokkukuthi, Sookshmathayude Sthoolamaya Aavishkaram – Kaani April 87.

  1. Other writing projects

1. Editor, Nataka Bharathi 2000, in connection with the National Theatre Festival Ernakulam, Published by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi, Thrissur

2. Theatre in Kerala, with Strong and steady steps - (in Bengali Translation) – Sudrak Natyapatra 2000.


The following plays were translated into Malayalam from English:

1. Procession by Badal Sircar as Theruvu Jadha

2. Death Watch by Jean Genet

3. The Tempest by William Shakespeare as Chathan kattu

4. Macbeth By William Shakespeare

5. Panjarasala by B.V.Karath

6. Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry as Ubu Maharaja

7. Alibabayum 40 kallamarum by Chandrasekhar Kambar.

Presentations in National/International Seminars

1. Chaired the International seminar on ‘the history, tradition and aesthetics of contemporary Theatre of Pakistan’ as part of the International Theatre festival of Kerala ITFoK 2008, at Thrissur organised by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi on Dec 25th 2008.

2. Chaired the session on ‘Creative commons’ in the National Seminar on Free Software at CUSAT Kochi on 16th November 2008.

3. ‘The contribution of Kavalam Narayana Panikkar to Indian Theatre’ in the National Seminar, at Thiruvanathapuram, 20th April 2008

4. Participated in the National Seminar on Drama named ‘not the drama seminar’ organised by India theatre Forum at Ninasam Karnataka from 22nd March 2008 to 25th march.

5. “Politics and the Reality of Cotemporary Indian Theatre” in the National Seminar organised by Sanskrit University Kalady on March 15, 2007

6. “Spotlights on living in the House of Lies and Dissimulation from Ibsen’s age and after - A theatrical Discourse on ‘A Doll’s House” International Ibsen Conference and Theatre Festival at Dhaka Bangladesh by Centre for Asian theatre, Bangladesh Silpakala Academy and Norwegian Embassy – 10-20 May 2006.

7. “Regionalism, Nationalism and Internationalism in Theatre” – International seminar on theatre at Cochin University , February 2005

8. “Classical forms and Contemporary theatre” – workshop on classical performance for journalists at Tripunithura by International Centre for Koodiyattam, 2004

9. “Indian Theatre – History, Culture and Politics” – National Seminar on Post independent Indian Theatre, School of Drama, Thrissur, 2004.

10. “Contemporary trends in Indian theatre” – International Seminar in ‘Innovations and experiments in Indian Theatre’ at Pondicheri organised by Thalai-k-kol September 2001.

11. “Tempest as a study on Colonialism” National Theatre Festival on Indian Shakespeare 2001 at Kasargod organised by Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Trichur.

12. “Medea and the Female Reality” Workshop on Greek Drama 2001 Cochin University, Kochi

13. “Dilemma of a contemporary theatre practitioner in India” in the National Seminar on “the state on Indian Drama “Sahitya Academy New Delhi – 2000

14. “Contemporary relevance of Bhasa plays” in the International Bhasa Mahotsav at Sopanam Trivandrum – 1996

15. “Perspective on Acting in Traditional theatre of Kerala – Ceremony, Involvement and Communion in Folk and Classical forms” in The international symposium on “Drama as a form of art; some global perspectives” held at Dhvanyaloka Mysore- December 1992

Workshops and collaborative work

  1. Director of one month workshop for children at Shimoga Karnataka organised by MP Prakash Arts foundation, Shimoga, 2009.
  2. Festival director of Natakakalam 2009 organised by District Library Council, and C-HED of corporation of Kochi from January 23rd to March 19 2009
  3. Was the Festival director of ‘Pranamam’, a National theatre festival to honor Kavalam Narayana Panikkar, organised by National school of drama RRC Bangalore in association with press club Eranakulam at Edappally from 14th September to 21st, 2008.
  4. Director and chief resource person for a workshop on ‘Indian approaches in acting’ for students from Joenssuu, Finland held at Edappally from June 08th to 13th 2007.
  5. Workshop and Lecture on Classical theatre at Stella Mary’s College Chennai – March 3-4, 2006.
  6. Director of the 21 day production oriented workshop at Kamak School Tutucorin Tamil Nadu by RRC , National school of Drama Bangalore , 2005
  7. Workshop on acting training with John Martin and Ralph Yarrow from UK at Lokadharmi 2004
  8. Workshop on Voice for actors by Lissa Tyler Renaud from USA at Lokadharmi February 2005
  9. Director of the 21 day production oriented workshop at Kamak School Tutucorin Tamil Nadu by RRC , National school of Drama Bangalore , 2005
  10. Workshop on Physical theatre with Patrick Vella and Clare Agius from Curtain raiser theatre group Malta, Europe at Changampuzha Park from 12 August to 15 august, 2002
  11. Annual midsummer-Workshop for children from 2002 onwards at Edappally
  12. A five day workshop on Chau and choreography with Pandit Gopal Prasad Dubey (Saraikkala Jharghand) 2002 at Ernakulam
  13. A ten day workshop on Noh theatre with Emily Curtis (Australia) 2001,
  14. A 10 day Childrens theatre workshop at Vazhakulam organised by Moovattupuzha block Panchayath, 2000
  15. Workshop for children 2000 at Tripunithura;
  16. An acting workshop with Tuire Hindikka and Pirkko Kurikka (Finland), 1999;
  17. A workshop on acting in classical and contemporary theatre with Margi Madhu 1998;
  18. The National theatre festival Tripunithura 1997 organised in collaboration with Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy.
  19. A workshop on Mime with Gautam Majumdar (NSD) in 1997
  20. The director of ‘Kali-Attam’ – a theatre workshop and Festival for college students at St.Albert’s College Ernakulam in 1996
  21. A Workshop on masks in 1994
  22. A ten day workshop held at Tripunithura with K.N. Panikker 1991
  23. The director of the Theatre workshops for college students at Ernakulam 1987

Research projects

Is supervising and guiding research projects all sponsored by Department of Culture, Government of India

  1. “The use of Masks in traditional theatre of Kerala and its potential in modern theatre” with V.R.Selvaraj
  2. “Environmental creation in folk & contemporary theatre” with Raju Carman
  3. “Documentation and analysis of the folklore, rituals and the culture of the Pulaya- a dalit community of central Kerala”, with Vijayan.P.M.

Awards received

  1. Won the META Award 2008 for the best play in India for Karnnabharam.
  2. Natya Bhushan award for outstanding contribution to Indian Theatre from National Theatre festival at Cuttack , Orissa 2004.
  3. Chairman’s award for acting in the play Andha Yugam from National Multi Lingual Theatre festival at Cuttack , Orissa 2004
  4. The Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy award for theatre 2004
  5. Award for best play in the folk narrative category from National theatre festival Hyderabad, 2002.
  6. Best Director, and Best play awards from State Theatre Festival Trivandrum 1998
  7. Best play award from National Multi-lingual Theater Festival Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh 1997
  8. The National awards for best direction and best play Pataliputra Natya Mahotsava Patna, 1996 & 1998;
  9. The National awards for best direction and best play in the 13th and 14th Multi-lingual Theatre Festivals at Cuttack 1995 & 96;
  10. The Bir Kishore Ray Award 1996 for excellence in theatre activities by Utkal Yuva Samskritik Sangh Cuttack;
  11. The Pataliputra National award for theatre 2000 for outstanding contributions from Pataliputra Natya Mahotsava Patna
  12. Won best actor awards in All Kerala Intercollegiate Drama Festivals, in 1979 and 1981

Visits abroad

  1. Visited Greece to participate in ‘the Circle of the South Earth’ – an International Festival on Ancient Greek Drama and performed the play Medea in October 2001 in the cities of Pelos, Kalamatta, and Athens.
  2. Visited Dhaka, Bangladesh to present a paper in the international Ibsen conference and theatre festival 2006.

Other Contributions

Resource person in various theatre workshops, seminars and refresher courses and as examiner in JNU New Delhi, Sanskrit university Kalady, School of Drama Trichur, Kerala university, Calicut University, Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam, Cochin University, etc.

Scripted a feature film Samvalsarangal (The Ages)
Also directed two documentaries and an adaptation of a play for Television


  1. Working as a member to the Advisory Board of the Regional Resource Centre Bangaluru of National School of Drama since 2008.
  2. FOUNDER DIRECTOR OF LOKADHARMI, Kochi, a Centre for theatre training, research & performance – from 1991 till date
  3. FOUNDER ARTISTIC DIRECTOR OF MAZHAVILLU, Kochi, a Children’s Theatre Group – from 2001 to present
  4. Member to the advisory board of Centre For Creative Writing, Cochin University, Kochi
  5. Currently working as Associate Professor (Dept. of Chemistry) at St. Albert’s College, Eranakulam.